Radiation Belt (Science Operations Planning)
The SpaceOps2012 Conference "best topic paper": Integral, An Investigation into Van Allen Belt and Geotail Crossings" (AIAA-2012-1346272) is offering an optimization strategy for science operations by predicting the evolution of radiation belt crossings and as a result, allow any protective measures to be implemented in time.

Requirements Tracing
The method by which to trace the realization of requirements from original establishment to the implementation and final acceptance by the customer. Requirements tracing is important for the design, implementation, qualification and acceptance processes. Complex systems (thousands of requirements and interfaces) require automated tools. A detailed description of an advanced tracing and verification tool incorporating the definition of test cases, procedures and status of test case mapping based on COTS was presented at the SpaceOps2008 conference at Heidelberg, Germany. The final tracing within a verification control data base (VCDB) as well as its methodology is demonstrated AIAA paper 2006-5877 .

Return on Experience (ROE)
The transfer of experience from previous missions to new projects for enhancement of efficiency, reliability and safety. This concerns not only the staffing of new projects with experienced people but also the capitalization of past experience gained in the design, development, qualification and/or operations of a relevant mission. Current experience is well published in SpaceOps symposia papers and presentations. ''See AIAA papers: 2006-5800, 2006-5810 , 2006-5904, 2006-5919 , 2006-5955 and sub-sessions within the 2006 conference on “Operations Experience” and “Flight Operations Execution”.
The SpaceOps2014 Conference featured a couple of papers reporting lessons learned and tha appropriate return of experience. Six papers were selected to be outstanding providing information valid for future missions operations. The papers were:
AIAA 2014-1901: Two years of operations of the ChemCam instrument onboard the Curiosity rover.
AIAA 2014-1906: Drag-Free Attitude and orbit control system performance of ESA's GOCE mission.
AIAA 2014-1700: Lessons from 8 years of science operations of Venus Express.
AIAA 2014-1608: Extending the lifetime of ESA's X-ray observatory XMM-Newton.
AIAA 2014-1885: The Cluster mission after 13 years.
AIAA 2014-1935: The end of life operations of the Herschel Space Telescope
The SpaceOps2016 Conference contributed another ROE (best topic-) paper from CNES:
AIAA 2016-2611: Assessment of the Last Two STRATO SCIENCE Campaigns in Timmins, Canada

Refurbishment of Operations Systems
The "best topic paper" AIAA-2012-1263854 describes a method for migration from old to new hardare without interrupting 24/7 operations: A KISS (Keep It Simple and Stupid) design approach was taken resulting in a complete system replacement.