Launch Vehicles
The SpaceOps2014 Conference paper AIAA-2014-1897 presents a sbsonic air-launched RLV after a very thorough ananlysis of the history of launch vehicle developments. It's conclusion is that a RLV having a modest 5t -to near earth-orvit performance could be capabe of supporting almost all current and future launch demand.

Layered Architecture
Combines Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products AIAA paper 2006-5532 and mission-specific software. Common due to its cost effectiveness AIAA paper 2006-5678 .

Automated and other tools for on-board tracking of equipment to make efficient use of limited stowage room and to facilitate easy retrieval of stowed equipment. Radio Frequency object identification (super-market approach) for solving ISS on-board logistics problems is one option for solving the increasingly complex on-board logistics problems for long-duration human spaceflight AIAA paper 2006-5733.

Laser Communications
The "best topic paper" AIAA-2012-1261897 describes the NASA Laser Communications Relay Demonstration (LCRD) project, the architecture of which will allow to serve as a testbed for the development of additional symbol coding, link and network layer protocols, etc.
Another "best topic paper" from the SpaceOps2012 Conference ("EDRS Precursor Systems at GSOC", AIAA-2012-1275210) illustrates the design of the Technology Demonstration Payload No.1 (TDP-1) for the demonstration of a data relay service, using an optical High Data Rate Inter-Satellite Link (ISL) between a Laser Communication Terminal (LCT) located on a LEO satellite and a second LCT placed on a GEO satllite. The service to be demonstrated is the optical data link between the LCT's of the satellites and a link from a satellite to a grond station.