Impact Prediction
The paper AIAA 2010-2006 and associated ePoster provides a visualization of the issues involved in predicting the visibility of a lunar impact event from an Earth-orbiting spacecraft. The example chosen was the visibility of the Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS) impact on the Moon from the Hubble Space Telescope (HST).

Inter-Agency Space Debris Coordination Committee (IDAG)
The Inter-Agency Space Debris Coordination Committee is a committee dealing with all aspects of space debris (see also ''Communicator'' article ''Exploded in Space''). See also -> "Debris"

International Collaboration
The collaboration of international space agencies or other appropriate institutions for the purpose of efficiently achieving common goals by sharing their know-how and resources. International collaboration in space projects grew from very limited collaboration during the beginning of spaceflight (“space-race”) to international collaborations e.g., for the ISS (main partners: USA, Europe, Canada, Russia, Japan) and is expected to grow for the “Vision of Space Exploration” (VSE). One important aspect of International Collaboration would be the free exchange of know-how and hardware between the participants. International Traffic and Arms Regulations (ITAR) must be addressed to resolve issues of International collaboration with the USA (from the discussion after the presentation of the paper: "Critical Management Needs in International Space Collaboration" AIAA paper 2006-5784 .

Internet for Space
Describes the efforts to expand earth-based Internet technology into space. With growing standardization, it is conceivable that transferring Internet technology into space would enable more efficient and economic communications for human spaceflight. Internet for space to be used for long-duration human spaceflight is being suggested AIAA paper 2006-5526

The capability to use other than the original planned communications resources to conduct a specific mission.
Scope and dynamics of spaceflight operations are changing - more interrelated platforms require more interoperability. Universal numbering schemes, XML/UDL schemas, messaging transport is requested. One proposal is to establish a Registry of Registries of "closed" systems with the appropriate information AIAA paper 2006-5777
The MOIMS SM&C Working Group within CCSDS is developing the Mission Operations Services Concept to address this problem space. The set of proposed standards presents a SOA to increase the level of interoperability among space agencies38. For the current status see paper AIAA 2010-2338.