Emergency Scheduling
The SpaceOps2012 "best topic paper" AIAA-2012-1261910: "Emergency Scheduling of Multiple Imaging Satellites with Dynamic Merging" (National University of Defense Technology, Changsha, China) a novel dynamic emergency scheduling model of multiple imaging satellites is established: A novel task dynamic merging strategy, developing an alternative task set establishment (ATSE) algorithm used for dynamic merging is proposed. In addition a novel dynamic emergency scheduling algorithm called DM-DES is presented, which considers the dynamic merging.
Another "best topic paper", the "FAST: A new Mars Express Operations concept, quickly!" (AIAA-2012-1257123) describes a new operations concept which had to be introduced because the Mars Express on-board Solid State Mass Memory (SSMM) sufferd from anomalies, the File-based Activities with Short Timeline (FAST) was devised to restart science operations as soon as possible.